Chrome is now a viable alternative to Firefox

Firefox has been the leading browser for the last few years, but now Chrome has improved to the point that it may now be the better browser (both are excellent, open-source programs). Ever since Google launched Chrome, I’ve kept an eye on it because of two major advantages it has over Firefox:

  1. Lightning fast startup and browsing—Firefox is frustratingly slow to startup.
  2. Streamlined design that maximizes the viewport: Chrome puts the tabs up in the window frame and replaces the status bar with a transparent pop-up bar that appears when you hover over links.

But Chrome couldn’t beat Firefox because it lacked two crucial features:

  1. A Firefox-style find-as-you-type feature.
  2. Extensions.

Now Chrome has overcome those weaknesses, thanks to the addition of extensions. While Chrome doesn’t come natively with find-as-you-type (what an oversight!!), this excellent extension implements the feature perfectly. And with that, Chrome overtakes Firefox as my browser of choice.