How to Eat Lard

You may have been wondering how I eat all that lard. Well, I actually go through it surprisingly fast, thanks to a dish I lovingly call “fat ‘rots”. That’s all it is—fat and carrots. I steam some grated/blended carrots in a little water (until it mostly boils dry). Then I melt lard into them… a lot of it.

That's not ice cream!

I decided to weigh it for the shot, and it turns out I’m eating about 100g of lard per bowl of fat ‘rots. That’s 900 fat calories! Talk about a nourishing dish!

Dosage: 100g of lard

I usually scoop some lard into my bowl (using an ice cream scoop!) and cover it with piping hot carrots to melt it. You can spice it for flavor—cinnamon is good, but my favorite is cumin: it makes lard taste so good.

Delicious fat 'rots: fat-soaked carrots

Fat ‘rots are my staple meal. They’re simple and convenient: quick and easy to prepare, using 2 cheap ingredients (I buy ground pork fat for $2/lb; it renders down to 80% of initial weight). The carrots provide almost no calories, they’re just a fat vehicle. One bowl is truly filling. I only eat twice a day, and a bowl of fat ‘rots plus a piece of meat is totally satiating. Another good fat dish is “fat yams”: mashed yams soaked in fat. They’re delicious, especially with a generous dose of cinnamon and a splash of vanilla. They’re much starchier than carrots though, so be careful if you’re trying to minimize carbs. Canned salmon also deserves a mention—drain off the water, mash it up, and it can soak up puddles of lard.

Be sure to check out Melissa’s awesome Faileo Diet post about fatty, nourishing meals.

Update: ‘Fat Rots 2.0 is out. This new version makes a more efficient fat vehicle and is more convenient.