Paleo teeth

The evolutionary logic has been successfully applied to ditching soaps, so why not toothpaste? I ditched the paste in November 2009 to test my prediction that a paleo eater’s teeth will be perfectly healthy without it. I still floss and brush nightly, but only with water. I had a checkup at the dentist recently and, as predicted, my teeth were excellent. Before paleo, I would get a cavity once in a while. Now, after 6 months without using toothpaste, the dentist said my teeth were very nice with no signs of cavities (I didn’t have the heart to tell her what I was doing though). She even commented that there was no need for the fluoride treatment (I would have turned it down anyways). The only thing keeping me from dental perfection was some “moderate” calculus buildup on the inside of my bottom front teeth (which are right in front of the salivary glands). So I needed some “scaling” for that. I don’t know if that’s even a problem. In any case, they’ve always done scaling so it’s not something that toothpaste prevented.

This confirms the evolutionary argument that wild humans will have healthy teeth. Cavities are another disease of civilization and will vanish under paleolithic nutrition. I conclude that toothpaste and fluoride, while they may protect against the damage caused by conventional nutrition, are wholly unnecessary for paleos.

Update (Nov. 29, 2010): Just saw the dentist again, she said the same as last time. So no paste for 1 year now without any problems!