Fat ‘Rots 2.0

I’ve refined my fat ‘rot production process to make them a better fat vehicle. Now I run a big batch of carrots (5-10 lbs) through the blender and then cook the mush. I keep it in the fridge, but they would probably freeze fine if you wanted to do a huge batch. To eat, I heat up some fat then stir in some ‘rots (and spice with cumin). This is a super convenient way to get a large amount of paleo calories.

Blending the carrots to mush, as opposed to grating them, makes them a much better fat vehicle (the fat : carrot ratio is much higher). I suppose it’s because the surface area is greatly increased, so they soak up a lot more fat. I’m still pretty impressed at how much fat they soak up. And if I really want to stretch the ‘rots, I can eat them quite soupy.

The 'rot bucket