Calories per dollar calculator

Continuing on the budget paleo theme, this post will help you get the most nourishment per dollar by giving you easy tools to calculate the real cost of your food in calories per dollar.


I just found this cool web app, Instacalc, and made a couple calculators with it for your convenience.

In the first one, you enter the price and calories per unit: Calorie Cost Calculator 1

The second one takes unit price, calories per serving, serving size, and servings per unit: Calorie Cost Calculator 2

It’s not a perfect solution, but I was unable to find a simple web app for this (I could write a JavaScript calculator, but I’d much rather use a web app). WolframAlpha widgets looked promising but I couldn’t get enough control of it to handle this type of calculation.


You might find it more useful to create a spreadsheet and enter all the data so that you can save it and compare many foods at once. This is what I did and it’s super handy. Make columns for ‘Food name’, ‘Price’, ‘Calories’ and fill in the data. Then create a fourth column to calculate ‘Calories per dollar’. In this case the formula would be calories/dollars, for example, =C2/B2. Just fill that formula down the column to get results for all your entries.

Why should I

Looking at calorie cost is an eye-opener: it reveals just how expensive vegetables and fruits are compared to fats. If you’re trying to keep your food costs down, knowing which foods are cheap—which foods to fill up on—is essential.