Simple, Cheap, Efficient Paleo Eating

Perhaps I’m just weird, but I always find paleo recipes to be way too fancy for me. I like simple foods; quantity over quality; calories over flavor. I don’t like eating out because the portions are way too small and fancy—all I want is a big, hefty pile of healthy calories to shove into my belly. I’m one of those people who wishes there was a simple pill with all the nutrients we need, so I could save time on making food. I eat a dead simple paleo diet that is very efficient and I love it. The added benefit is that it fits right into the simple foods framework.

Here’s what I do: I eat two big meals a day to get my calories. There is very little variety in my meals: most meals are a big bowl of mashed potatoes soaked with lard and a serving of meat. This is a very efficient setup for me: I peel a few potatoes, put them in the pressure cooker for 15 minutes, and mash them up with lard (which also cools them down to a tolerable level). Meanwhile, the meat cooks in the frying pan. I’ll also eat some fruit in the morning and after meals to clear my palette.

While this monotonous diet may seem unpleasant, the trick is to use “the best sauce”: hunger! By eating two meals a day and not snacking in between, I work up a good appetite before each meal, and I always look forward to eating. It’s amazing how good that hunger sauce tastes! After several months I sometimes get tired of my staple meal (I’m still going strong on my potato regimen after 6 months) and find a new one, usually by experimentation.

The benefits of this simple regimen are:

  • Healthy, simple, paleo foods
  • Cheap staple foods like potatoes and lard can make paleo eating far more affordable than the SAD
  • Efficiency: cut way down on food prep time and cleanup