Make your dumbphone a bit smarter with J2ME apps 

Most people think apps are only for smartphones. But did you know that pretty much all dumbphones can handle J2ME apps? If you have mobile web, you can download a wide variety of apps from getjar. But don’t get too excited: while the apps are handy, they’re also pretty slow—your phone won’t feel like a smartphone, just not as dumb.

Here are the top apps you should get:

  • Gmail app
  • Google Maps app
  • Opera Mini – a much better browser than the one your phone came with
  • Snaptu – an app package with speedy apps including Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Weather, and more
  • Ebuddy or Nimbuzz – instant messaging apps

You can find lots of other cool apps. I found one that lets me use my phone as a remote control for my computer via bluetooth—it’s great for watching videos since my PC is my TV. I mainly find it nice to be able to check my Gmail or the weather, and to access Google Reader with the Opera browser.